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  6. Delta Stripers
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  20. Striped Bass
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  34. 8.15 lb's and 9.15 lb's today
  35. Striper bite breaking open at Lake Silverwood in Socal, fish to upper 20 lbs.
  36. Lugworms the ticket for striper fishing in SoCal. Striped Bass, Lake Silverwood
  37. Diamond Valley Lake, stripers are starting to show some signs of life
  38. North Branford CT Angler Might Have World Record With Striped Bass Caught Near Westbrook CT. Striper, IGFA
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  41. San Luis Res
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  44. Lake Mendocino
  45. DFG just stocked Diamond Valley Lake Nov 6 2012
  46. Friday at San Luis Res
  47. New World Record Recently Confirmed by IGFA
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  55. Limits in 2 hours. late report
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