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  1. California legal AR 15 type
  2. AR-15 Lower reciever
  3. AR-15
  4. New Ammo,5.56 out
  5. Are we allowed now in Cali.?
  6. M-16 Controversy Continues
  7. My 5.56mm project
  8. Anyone build a OLL AR-15?
  9. AR 15
  10. CA AR-15 question
  11. Brownells Launches First-Ever AR-15-Specific Catalog
  12. Brownells® Introduces AR-15/M16 Magazines
  13. New AR gun shop in Highland CA
  14. AR-15
  15. Smith & Wesson Introduces New M&P Series Rifle - the M&P15
  16. Wanting to buy an ar
  17. Just ordered my M&P15.
  18. A Few Of My Bushmasters
  19. ar15 in 6.8rem is this scope ok?
  20. where to see and buy AR15s?
  21. Brownells Releases AR-15 Catalog #3
  22. Brownells AR-15 Assembly Videos Make It Easy
  23. Obama requests your opinion here / gun control?
  24. AR-15 Video- Awesome
  25. Weaver® Expands Tactical Line of Rings and Bases
  26. Brownells Honors One-Millionth Customer
  27. Building a couple of toys...prelim pics.
  28. GunBroker.com® Hosts Charity Auction of Pink Rifle To Fight Breast Can
  29. Magazine Capacity
  30. Wilson Combat Announces Flip Up Front Sight
  31. M16A4 Weird happenings at range day
  32. Leupold Introduces Mark AR Scopes For AR15-Style Rifles
  33. My New LWRC AR-15 CSAT Rifle!
  34. ATI Introduces AR-15 All In One Tool
  35. New Muzzle Brake From Brownells Reduces .223 Muzzle Rise
  36. XS SIGHT SYSTEMS' CSAT COMBAT SIGHT. An AR-15 /M-16 Replacement Sight for any Range
  37. DoubleStar Introduces DS-420 Handguard
  38. AR platform
  39. New Lower
  40. Let The Black Rifle Glut Begin!
  41. Insight Tech-Gear Ships MRDS Mini Red Dot Sight
  42. Extreme Shock Adds New SRT and CT-2 .223 Ammo
  43. Shooting Illustrated Offers Video of AR-15 Cleaning
  44. AR vs. AK vs. Mosin-Nagant
  45. Man caught trying to shoplift AR-15 rifle from Decatur AL sporting goods store
  46. POF USA
  47. Gas gun or piston gun
  49. Has anyone used there AR for deer hunting?
  50. anyone have info on legal CA AR-15 print outs
  51. Zel Custom Relases Gen-3 Tactilite Uppers
  52. AR15 scopes
  53. Calguns News - Another CGF Success Story in Orange County
  54. Rock River Arms LAR-9, 9 MM AR-15
  55. R-15 legal in CA ????
  56. Remington ACR SHOT Show Vid - LEAKED!!
  57. Hitler finds out how much the new Bushmaster ACR will cost
  58. ar10 build
  59. AR15 Battle mug
  60. $300 off coupon for Sig ARs at Cold War Shooters. Good till Mar 8th
  61. Plan on getting a S&W M&P15T
  62. Lets see your AR-15's
  63. Rambo Rifles for Weekend Hunters. The "Modern Sporting Rifle" is a hot seller
  64. LaserMax Introduces MantaRail Momentary Switch Control System
  65. Bad news from DOJ on California and bullet buttons
  66. Army issues instructions for painting M16s, M4s
  67. So many to choose from...which one and why
  68. Camo Your AR with DIY Options From AR Guns & Hunting
  69. High Impact Tactical. New shop in Upland CA
  70. 223 v. 5.56
  71. R25-Oh Baby
  72. AR Build
  73. R25: can't attach 1 pt sling to buffer tube?
  74. Bushmaster magazines
  75. Black Gun Friday at Faith Armory, Temecula CA Nov 26 2010. C3 Defense lowers $155
  76. Deer hunting with an ar15
  77. Stag Arms 2012 Executive Survivors Kit
  78. SureFire Announces 60 and 100 Round Mags for AR-style Firearms
  79. Very Good Price On IMI M-855 Ammo
  80. Ruger Offers Piston Driven Uppers for SR-556 AR Platform. Guns, Shooting, Rifle.
  81. AR15 mag in 6.8
  82. Stag Arms Releases Model 3 Carbine. AR-15, M4, Black Rifle
  83. Winchester recalls RANGER Law Enforcement .223 ammo.
  84. Joined the AR Family
  85. Is 5.56 good for deer / boar
  86. Officers injured in Smith & Wesson range mishap with M&P 15. Law enforcement.
  87. Wilson Combat Introduces 7.62x40 WT Cartridge and Rifle
  88. Hi Point 4595 TS RD
  89. Slide Fire SSAR-15 Bump Fire Stock. Legal in CA. M4, black rifle. Machine gun
  90. AR-15 .300 OSSM
  91. AR-10 and AR-15
  92. SIG SAUER Rolls Out the M400 Carbines
  93. I want a "REAL" AR-15! Is it too late? How to build an AR-15
  94. Colt to Offer Five California-Compliant Rifles in 2012. Bullet Button. Magpul, LE6920CMP-B, LE6920CMP-FDE,
  95. Colt And Magpul Partner On Fully-Accessorized Rifle. LE6920MP
  96. AR caliber suggestions
  97. Colt M4 carbine at Turner's for $1169, Sig Sauer M400 $899. till DEc 15 2011
  98. Brownell's sale Federal 5.56mm M193 Rifle ammo
  99. Alexander Arms Announces AR15 Rifles Chambered in 17HMR
  100. My AR-15 build
  101. Vamfire M.L.D. (Magazine Locking Device). A bullet button you can change when out of state
  102. New Magpul PMAG 30 M3 mags. AR15, M4
  103. Black gun shop south of Fresno
  104. Installing A Free Float Handguard video from Brownells
  105. Colt Introduces Multi-Caliber LE901-16S. .308 Winchester (7.62x51 NATO) & .223 Remington (5.56x45 NATO).
  106. Core15 Rifle Systems & Bluegrass Armory 2012 SHOT Show Line Up. Moonshiner bolt action bull pup rifle
  107. Magazine Blocks for an AR10
  108. Some luv for us lefties, Rock River Arms Lef-T Elite Operator.
  109. No more Frankenmags. Rock River Arms LAR 47 CAR. AR15 AK47
  110. Rock River Arms SHOT Show 2012. Fred Eichler Predator AR-15 Rifle
  111. Bushmaster 2012 SHOT Show. Predator, Blackout, AR15 Rifles
  112. California 10 round Magazine (Mag Blocks)
  113. My AR-10
  114. Midwest Industries AR-15 Handguards
  115. My New DPMS .308 AP4 Carbine
  116. Need Help from the AR guys
  117. Halfway done
  118. 300 blackout anyone?
  119. Is there anything this gun cant do!
  121. TAPCO® Announces New Products for AR-15 and Mini-14 Platforms. Armorer's Tool
  122. Magpul Products Sneak Peek from Soldier Systems Daily. MOE Stock, 870 upgrades, M3 Magazine
  123. Steyr AUG to Be Available With Cold Hammer-Forged Barrel
  124. Turnbull Manufacturing Introduces TAR-10 Rifle. 7.625x51mm/.308 Winchester.
  125. Calimesa CA entrepreneur develops rifle used in new 'Bourne' movie. Nemesis Arms Vanquish. Dave Ives
  126. Review of Surefire's 60rd Magazine by Green Beret Club. M4, AR-15, AR15, 5.56, M16
  127. Ballista Tactical Introduces The Nautilus Rotating Rail. Reconfigure accessories w/o removing them from rail
  128. Chin stock on a AR?
  129. ACOG optic on M4 with a flattop Picatinny rail, I can see the front sight trough the optics
  130. get ready for the end. sen Dianne Feinstein moves to ban assault rifles & high-cap mags & pistol grips
  131. Bayonet Lug Question
  132. RRA lar-15 Fred Eichler series
  133. bushmaster ACR
  134. Hunting with a Black Gun
  135. Building a Carbine DVD from Panteao. Dean Caputo, Paul Howe, M4, AR15,
  136. Red dot sights & MOA. 1 MOA? 2 MOA? 4 MOA
  137. Hoarding and gouging, here we go again. Dec 19 2012. Gun ban, Pmags, AR15,
  138. Noob AR-15 Builder!!
  139. Helpful links & info on ARs and M4s
  140. Hi Cap mag rebuild kits for CA. Legal? Video on how to use rivet to make CA legal 10 rd mags
  141. Dick’s Sporting Goods cancels Troy Defense carbine orders. Response from Stephen Troy.
  142. Cabela's Tactical Rifle Case
  143. John Noveske Has Died
  144. MAC (Military Arms Channel) on Gun Ban by Executive Order
  145. Run on ARs True - Update
  146. New Phase 5 Tactical Single Point Bungee Sling in MultiCam. AR15, M4
  147. Ambi Controls for AR15, Trey Knight Explains. KAC TV. Ambidextrous safety.
  148. A Good Shop With Black Rifles and Parts - FOUND
  149. STS Guns in Folsom....how NOT to treat a customer!
  150. Boycott Armalite, they refuse to stop selling to gun ban states like NY
  153. A Pair Of Arsenal Milled Receiver Bulgarian Models
  154. Thinking about it (again)
  155. American Gunsmithing Institute (AGI) Releases New Course On Customizing The AR15
  156. Molon Labe Industries Now Shipping Its Patent Pending SCARmag
  157. LAN World Announces the New Standard in AR-15 rifle Magazines!
  158. How Close Is The AR Battle Sight Zero?
  159. 6.8
  160. wtb lead free .556 .223 ammo or 30-30 trade for cash or used brass
  161. No Pew, Pew, Pew, Pew, Pew. lol. AR15
  162. AK-47 Designer Passes Away
  163. Suggest Getting Your 80% Lowers For A Rainy Day
  164. 5.56 upper
  165. Pushing the SBR Limits w/14.5" Barrel
  166. AR15 barrel paint
  167. My new Elk and Hog gun
  168. model 1 sales
  169. Magazine for 458Socom
  170. 7.62x39 ar build yay or nay?
  171. Obama at it again
  172. 556 24 inch upper
  173. AR 15 Lube
  174. First AR-15 ?
  175. My 7mm Valkyrie AR (Black Tail/Mule deer) Hunting Rifle Build
  176. AR15 Upper Brand ACI
  177. STAG Arms Complete
  178. 2 point sling + binos
  179. Almost done
  180. 65 Grendel
  181. I finally did it!
  182. That didn't take long
  183. Do you now have to register AR partials in Ca?
  184. Savage officially entering the AR market with Patriot and Recon
  185. AR For Hunting
  186. Kirschenmann court case ??