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  12. An Apprentice and His Hawk's First Season
  13. High-Velocity Falcon
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  16. what type of bird is this?
  17. Pro golfer charged with killing hawk with 75-yard shot
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  19. Bald Eagle
  20. Hawk takes swipe at girl touring Fenway Park
  21. Falcon Banding Conducted Before A Live And Broadcast Audience
  22. Peregrine falcon study concludes the species has recovered
  23. FWC requests public comment about peregrine falcon
  24. Falcons aid farmers in FWS-approved program
  25. Pro golfer pleads no contest in hawk killing
  26. Boy hurt during Vancouver Zoo raptor demonstration
  27. Falcon missing after handler suffers heart attack
  28. They're Coming Back…Bald Eagles in Vermont
  29. Just wonderin', has anyone flown a golden or bald eagle?
  30. ND outfitter pleads guilty to shooting eagle decoy
  31. Raptor attacks pup, owner kicks red-tail
  32. lil help on bird ID
  33. 'Animal lover' charged with killing hawk to save squirrel
  34. Four Arrested in Killings of Eagles and Other Protected Birds
  35. Hunting wolves with a golden eagle in Mongolia. Kazajstán-Ky
  36. CalTrans Eagle Cam. Sacramento River at Highway 44 in Redding CA
  37. Eagle takes doe
  38. eagle attacks deer
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  40. Washington wind turbines claim first known eagle victim
  41. Peregrine Falcon Chicks Banded In NE
  42. Opsrey with carp in flight
  43. Blogger snaps photo of hawk who landed on his plate at East Village restaurant
  44. Peregrine Falcon Delisted From FL Endangered Species
  45. Three New Peregrine Falcon Nests Found in Kentucky
  46. Mouth-to-beak resuscitation saved osprey, reports fisherman
  47. Utility Giant Pleads Guilty to Unlawfully Killing Golden Eagles
  48. Eagle vs Cougar
  49. Any Falconer's Looking for apprentice???
  50. Passage Red-Tail In Training/Hunting
  51. Coursing my Staggy with wild hawks today!
  52. Any falconers in southern cali???
  53. Raptor hunting
  54. Hawk flies away after demonstration at Cincinnati Zoo
  55. First flight fails; falcon falls, dies in Ohio
  56. Transformer Owl
  57. Red-Tailed Hawk eating a snake. PixController video
  58. passage coop in my backyard !
  59. Flying with the fastest birds on the planet: Peregrine Falcon & Goshawk
  60. want to get started
  61. What is this?
  62. red tail hawk taking on a bald eagle over a deer carcass. Guess who won?
  63. Band confirms dead eagle as 1 of Alaska's oldest. Electrocuted
  64. California Falconry...
  65. Socal Falconers???
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  67. Trout fisherman gets spooled by an osprey
  68. Ever seen a bald eagle do the breaststroke? Nutria hunting in Baton Rouge LA
  69. Gyrfalcon at San Jacinto Wildlife Area Jan 2012.
  70. Raptor ID help please
  71. Sitting Ducks. Gyrfalcons, Prairie Falcons & Bald Eagles preying on mallards in Alberta Canada.
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  73. Cottontail, jackrabbits, and ducks.
  74. does anyone do falconry?
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  78. Hard to believe the curelty
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