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  41. Pneumatic vs latex?
  43. Lobster closes
  44. Abalone opens April 1st
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  46. anybody ab diving/camping April 28-30?
  47. Week-long spearfishing trip to San Martin, Benitos and Cedros.
  48. ab diving, Salt Point Campground, June 16-18
  49. Navy Ex-Aircraft Carrier Sunk, ‘Reefed’ off Pensacola
  50. BC Freedive Expedition Set For July
  51. Discovering the Oceans Wilder Side
  52. ocean cove abs
  53. 17 Alleged Sturgeon, Abalone Poachers Hauled In
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  56. Shark Rips Off Body Surfer's Leg in Australia
  57. Spear fishing record blue marlin
  58. Dead lobsterman found offshore; 2nd man missing
  59. Aussie Ab Diver
  60. Van Damme April 20-22, anybody else going?
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  63. Four Wild Islands
  64. Anybody going AB diving next weekend north coast?
  65. Great Whites Gain Good Friends
  66. Freediver Having "Dream Week"
  67. Freediver Will Go Deep to Reclaim Title
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  69. Hog hunters wack the WSB
  70. Florida diver killed by lightning strike
  71. Young Dutch angler hooks scuba diver
  72. Abalone Poachers
  73. Future's Bright for New Underwater Lights
  74. Shark Attacks Surfer In California
  75. Sunday night chat tonight 6pm PST
  76. Sunday night chat tonight 6pm - 9pm PST
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  78. Man Dies After Shark Attack Off Florida
  79. Free ticket give away for Fred Hall Show
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  81. Caption the diver
  82. What dive watch are you wearing and using?
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  84. Abalone Diving
  85. Hey bodega!! Need AB report?
  86. The grossest story on earth? Diver shoots self in head with speargun
  87. big Ab's
  88. Frozen abalone......
  89. Retired WW II warship sunk for Florida reef
  90. Great weather in mendo
  91. Calm seas in Mendo
  92. Beluga whale carries struggling diver to surface
  93. Ab poachers busted
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  95. frog giging
  96. New diver seeking help
  97. Man Who Illegally Took Abalone Gets Jail Time
  98. First abs of 2010
  99. Wardens
  100. New to JHO but die hard freedive spearo/ab diver
  101. could this be a "record", busted 3 times in 3 weeks?
  102. Abalone opener tomorrow!!!
  103. Baja del Sur 2011
  104. 5th Annual Big Ab Big Ling Charity Dive Event, Manchester KOA June 11th 2011
  105. Bugs in the fog
  106. Better lobster diver than Chukar shooter, that’s for sure.
  107. Golf anyone?
  108. Sittin’ on the Bottom of the Bay....
  109. Ending it.
  110. Shining Star
  111. The Landlord is at home
  112. Mr. & Mrs. Naked having sex
  113. Lobster Poaching
  114. Not a bad day in the bay.
  115. Wanted: ALIVE
  116. Intimidated by a girl
  117. Attacked in SM bay
  118. Saved by a Poacher!
  119. Ending 2012 on a good note on the “Bottom of the Bay”
  120. Lobsters in a late celebration of Chinese New Year
  122. In Search of the Fabeled “Easter Crab”*
  123. Whale bait
  124. Where do the lobster larvae in S. Cal come from - "Answer" from DFW
  125. Lobsters diving to end 2013 on a good note
  126. I haven't seen any halibut yet this year!
  127. Abalone bust
  128. that time of year, lobsters
  129. Tradition: New Year’s Day Lobster Dive
  130. As axon
  131. Continueing Tradition: New Year's Day Lobster Dive
  132. HELP: Need Rescue!
  133. Welcome 2019, keeping up the tradition, Lobster selfie