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  37. Great white tracked from Africa to Australia
  38. Quebec ice angler reels in 500-pound shark
  39. Gulf record, 765-pound mako shark landed off LA coast
  40. New shark species found in Mexico's Sea of Cortez
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  43. Florida angler lands possible all-tackle hammerhead world record
  44. New 'genetically distinct' hammerhead shark discovered
  45. OneTrack, SDHntr & Freedivr went a-sharkin today.....
  46. Anglers snag 5-foot bull shark in Texas' Trinity River
  47. Criticism follows in wake of Florida hammerhead catch
  48. Teen lands possible class record blue shark
  49. $5000 Sharks
  50. Angler lands California's biggest: 1,175-pound mako shark
  51. Bull sharks sink Florida shrimping boat
  52. CA shark poachers will pay nearly $1 million toward habitat
  53. Aussie angler grabs, wrestles and lands shark
  54. Surfing Florida prosecutor fights off shark
  55. 1,063-pound mako shark landed off Pensacola
  56. Hammerhead has 'virgin birth' in Florida zoo's shark tank
  57. Novice angler catches 700-pound bull shark off Florida dock
  58. Delaware fisherman who landed great white may face charges
  59. Tarpon angler in kayak learns lesson from hammerhead
  60. Mud Marlin/Leopard Sharks
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  73. If you fish here for Mako...bring a big gaff
  74. Florida angler lands 844-pound mako shark
  75. 12-year-old hooks 551-pound bull shark in FL
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  77. Great white eats electronic Shark Shield device
  78. Florida angler catches 1,000-pound hammerhead
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  88. Thresher Caught off HB Pier - wacko's called the Humane Society
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  90. Angler sets new record by landing half ton shark in Ireland
  91. Shark dumped on Overtown FL street sent to watery grave
  92. Flyfisherman releases great white caught in SoCal
  93. $ 2500.00 Blue Shark
  94. Florida bans killing of tiger sharks, hammerheads. Sportfishing, FSWC, fishing, saltwater
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