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  1. Rogue catfish kills & eats swan in UK lake
  2. Hundreds vie for carp title at Romanian lake
  3. 197-pound catfish caught in Spain
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  14. Catfish drags Hungarian man to death
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  16. UK fishing village cancels annual dead eel toss
  17. UK anglers attacked by masked animal extremists
  18. New record catfish landed, released in Spain
  19. British angler hooks record 88-pound mirror carp
  20. Young Dutch angler hooks scuba diver
  21. UK angler snags pal's rod he lost months ago
  22. UK brown trout escape pond by leaping through 8-inch pipe
  24. British angler achieves all 3 IGFA 'Royal Slams'
  25. Giant Catfish Dies Trying to Eat Football in Germany
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  28. Fish chum: UK angler's remains made into bait
  29. Blue marlin found in UK waters
  30. UK angler has lead sinker removed from chest
  31. British angler lands 226-pound Wels catfish in Spain
  32. Brit's cell phone still works after week in fish
  33. Puppy saved after fishhook meal
  34. Angler sets new record by landing half ton shark in Ireland
  35. Schoolgirl angler nets record catch that's twice her size and weighs 84 lbs
  36. The great carp killer mystery: Anglers mourn Benson, the lord of the lakes
  37. Potential IGFA record catfish caught from River Po in Italy
  38. UK's biggest freshwater fish found dead. Monster carp, nicknamed Two Tone