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  1. 17-15 bass at Lake Dixon
  2. Waterdog ban
  3. Trout Season
  4. Whats you favorite?
  5. Lake Davis
  6. Lake Davis
  7. Naci Whites
  8. Department of Fish and Game's Newly-Expanded Tracks Magazine
  9. Klamath King Salmon Quota Bumped
  10. Fishing with a bang
  11. El Capitan Crappie
  12. Naci Pics & Coordinates
  13. Big Bass
  14. Shad in the Feather
  15. Sierra Trout Opener
  16. Pine Flat World Record Spotted Bass
  17. Stripers in Sac
  18. New Zealand mud snail invades the Eastern Sierra
  19. Good luck all you Eastern Sierra fisherman
  20. 20 lb 12 ounce Bass at Dixon
  21. I Was Looking Up Fishing Merit Badge on the Web and Look Wha
  22. PETA's Address
  23. California is the place to be for bass fishing
  24. tired of overcrowded so cal municipal lakes?
  25. First-Ever National Fishing and Boating Week
  26. How do I get there
  27. Salton Sea Limits
  28. Are the Bishop lakes free of ice yet?
  29. NE Calif. Streams
  30. Diamond Valley Lake Reservoir new energy source for state
  31. Wide Open Bluegill Bite
  32. Salmon
  33. DFG Regs
  34. California needs to learn how to fish!*L*
  35. 2000 Eagle Lake Trout Angler Survey
  36. Crowley
  37. Trout planting begins in Northern California, despite frog f
  38. san gabriel river
  39. Fishing and lying seem to go together.
  40. Streams in N. East Calif.
  41. Upper Twin 13lb 12oz Rainbow
  42. Irvine Lake Monster
  43. Salton Sea Corvina
  44. What fly to use?
  45. Where to fish
  46. Fanged fish found in a NE Modesto lake last week is a pacu
  47. Double Haul in the Fall
  48. What Reel?
  50. BowFIshing
  51. Sawmill Lake ?
  52. Jefferson, Big Hole section closed to fishing
  53. Big fish falls from sky, onto garden.
  54. Montana FWP extends appeal for morning-only fishing
  55. He's off the hook in fish trial in Ohio
  56. Missouri State biologists net likely record brown trout
  57. Toxic chemicals found in Oregon salmon
  58. Maine opts for quarantine as salmon disease spreads
  59. High-powered UK/US fishing & hunting booking
  60. Young angler catches record bluegill from Colorado River
  61. Orange Co. Recommends Gas Motor Ban At Diamond Valley Res.
  62. Aging bass anglers finish first through third in U.S. Open.
  63. Bishop CA / Lower Owens River
  64. Salmon in the Lower Feather
  65. "Crave". New hot trout bait.
  66. Hatchery fish get survival training
  67. Eagle Lake
  68. SteelHead Trout
  69. Wardens Investigate Large Fish Kill in San Joaquin River.
  70. Californian stripped of fishing tournament win vows lawsuit
  71. Bass at lake Castaic
  72. Big Bear Lake
  73. Owens River
  74. owens river
  76. Lake Skinner Stripers
  77. STURGEON !!
  78. Need Eagle Lake Advice
  79. Diamond Valley Lake
  80. Nimbus Hatchery Opens Salmon Ladder Nov. 13
  81. Anglers protest TVA’s restrictions
  82. TU sues FWS to list California golden trout as endangered
  83. Shasta Lake. Tom Stienstra 11/25/01 Column
  84. A fishing gold mine in upper Klamath
  85. Anglers net big reward for lowly pikeminnow.
  86. Fishing in Socal
  87. New JHP forum stickers. Just in time for Xmas!
  88. CA endangered salmon increase very good news.
  89. CA Lake Merced cleanup plans out in space
  90. CA fishing licenses to go bureaucratic
  91. Anyone fishing these days?
  92. No babble in catching O.C.'s first brook trout
  93. new lake in hemet area
  94. 2nd rod stamp now available for Colorado River
  95. Kayak Fishing
  96. New Lake Perris Record Bass 18 lb.
  97. ISE Show makes debut at L.A. County Fairgrounds next week.
  98. corona lake
  99. Float Tubes
  100. So.Cal.
  101. Steelhead fishing
  102. Any of you guys fish BULL TROUT
  103. Which Float Tube do you Use
  104. Brown trout
  105. Honeymoon
  106. Anyone fish Legg Lake
  107. 19.6 lb. bass at Lake Perris???
  108. When fish run strong, tempers rise
  109. Yuba Steelhead
  110. Liar, liar, pants on fire...
  111. A stock answer to where fine money goes. Dave Strege Column
  112. jess ranch lakes
  113. California Aqueduct
  114. Lure Selection for Trout
  115. Dumbell Eye Mold
  116. Klamath Salmon Quota May Fall
  117. Lake Davis Meeting 2/5/02 for use of Det Cord to rid pike.
  118. CA Striped Bass Stamp Requirement Renewed
  119. Favorite rods and reels?
  120. Twisted line trolling
  121. Victory for Klamath Basin farmers. Report says irrigation
  122. Lake Pardee
  123. State-record rainbows coming to SARL
  124. Trinity River
  125. Mike Long does it again!
  126. Lake Hemet
  127. Sports, RV and Travel Show at the Anaheim Convention Center
  128. DWR Owes Silverwood 5 million Trout
  129. San Pablo Reservoir will be teeming with trout for opener
  130. Tournament fishing hits the big time
  131. How about Olympic ice fishing?
  132. Bernard Lopez lands 24.09-pound record at SARL
  133. trout mini jigs
  134. Fred Hall Show
  135. Big salmon run in Marin. Record number of fish spawning in
  136. Jet Skiers
  137. Gen. Chuck Yeager fishes Cal-Ore steelhead derby
  138. Irvine Lake set to stock steelhead
  139. Steelhead restoration. Big plan to restore steelhead in CA
  140. Blake Jones Trout Derby
  141. CA Lake Davis plan has 'no future'
  142. An inland fisheries board has been created by the DFG
  143. 55th annual Fred Hall Show
  144. Kids Fish Free program at Oso Reservoir
  145. Fish Finder
  146. Lake Barret Opener
  147. Parris
  148. irvine lake tournament
  149. tagged fish
  150. Report
  151. JHP father/kid Sierra fishing trip???
  152. quail lake....whats the lowdown?
  153. Which reel?
  154. Dixon Lake
  155. Pathways to Adventure. Help for Families Learning Camping
  156. Lake Merced to get a makeover.
  157. big smallmouth
  158. Owens River Burned
  159. Lake Silverwood
  160. shore fishing 4 bass...tips?
  161. "toll" free lakes??
  162. best all around lures?
  163. Last Chance Bait & Tackle
  164. puddingstone
  165. 36 lb. striper from Silverwood
  166. Circle Hooks for stream fishing
  167. Silverwood campout
  168. Will stocking delay help Sierra rainbow trout?
  169. Salmon limit razed to three
  170. Can anyone identify this plastic?
  171. what rod should i get, if any?
  172. Fish spill leaves lingering stench in downtown Oroville
  173. Casitas bass weights in at 19 1/2 pounds
  174. spinning reel....which one?
  175. Anyone fishing the Trout opener
  176. Tulloch Lake Report
  177. Coal sludge spill threatens fish in KY, WV
  178. California G&F moving forward with plans to detonate pike
  179. Pre opening report
  180. NoCal Trout Info. Good opener predicted.
  181. DFG Trout Opener Info
  182. Why is the All-American Canal Unfamiliar to Ca. Anglers?
  183. Striper Derby
  184. Things might be looking up for Irvine Lake anglers
  185. 18-9 bass from Dixon Lake caught by Tom Heigel
  186. New Zealand mud snail expanding range in Sierra
  187. How Big Fish Grow Over Time
  188. Bishop weather
  189. Beware of Imperial Valley Grass Carp
  190. California G&F tests Lake Davis explosives
  191. Trout Opener reports
  192. Silverwood lake campout dates and info
  193. San Diego River
  194. Sierra Trout Report by Jim Matthews
  195. Golden Trout
  196. Crowley Lake 2002 Opening Day Stats
  197. Killing the fishkill -- a success story
  198. Quality recreation on the rise at 4 CA state lakes
  199. Hope springs eternal -- with the right bait
  200. Pit River in Shasta County DFG study
  201. Klamath-Trinity river reg changes
  202. Owens Valley
  203. Early arrivals at new lake . Stripers in Diamond Valley Lake
  204. going to crowley lake memorial day
  205. Who's headed to eastern Sierras
  206. FWS' 2001 preliminary fishing, hunting survey now available
  207. National Fishing And Boating Week Offers Opportunities
  208. Despite Drought, Los Angeles County Waters Still Stocked by
  209. DFG Studying King Salmon Smolts
  210. NoCal Habitat Crews Honored
  211. santa anna river lakes
  212. Bridgeport report
  213. Headed out to Mojave
  214. DFG Status Review and Recommendations on Coho Salmon Listing
  215. anyone fished Little Rock res?
  216. No license required for fishing Saturday 6/8/2002 in Ca.
  217. New Melones Reservoir fishing is quite a catch
  218. N.E. Calif
  219. Whoppers come with rules
  220. The Definitive Guide to Fishing in Southern California
  221. Giving a new meaning to the term `trophy cat'
  222. Openning a Bait and Tackle Shop
  223. Headed for Bishop
  224. Sacramento River fish report
  225. Union Valley Reservoir
  226. Bass Bite in SoCal
  227. Lake Irvine
  228. Striper presence a mystery at Lake Elsinore
  229. Nothing compares to topwater bass fishing
  230. Judge orders consideration of golden trout for
  231. Grass carp found at Lake Siskiyou
  232. Lake Siskiyou
  233. Trespass Permission slip and Emergency Alert Sheet
  234. Salton Sea Report 6-28,6-29
  235. Delta disaster likely coming down (with) the pike
  236. DFG Aerial Trout Plants Trimmed
  237. North Fork Battle Creek Restoration
  238. NoCal DFG Trout Plants
  239. Women can't fish!
  240. When fishing kills big fish, smaller fry evolve
  241. Lower Kern river questions
  242. Theoretically, 7/10 is best day of year for fishing
  243. Sneak peak at Diamond Valley Lake?
  244. Pacu fish at Lake Elsinore
  245. My first ever native Rainbow trout
  246. Cuyamaca Lake
  247. The fine print behind Lake Merced agreement
  248. June Lake Area
  249. keeper trout streams?
  250. Skinner Report