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  1. Fishing Line: 08/05/10
  2. Sunday drive: Chabot, bottom to top
  3. For fish on the fly, look to the sky
  4. King salmon gather off Marin coast for run
  5. Fishing Line: 08/12/10
  6. Outbound Escapes: Free Entrance Days
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  8. King salmon gather off Marin coast for run
  9. Sunday Drive: Santa Cruz mountain loop
  10. Dangers posed by park employees
  11. Rocker Ted Nugent pleads no contest to California deer hunting violations
  12. Draft Environmental Impact Report Now Available for Proposed South Coast Marin
  13. Yuba River is a summer paradise
  14. Outbound Escapes: Events and hikes in the Sacramento region
  15. Fishing Line: 08/19/10
  16. Yuba River is a summer paradise
  17. Sonar images from robotic submersible help officials determine if historic sh
  18. MLPA Public Meeting, Information Session to be Held in Shelter Cove
  19. Best ways to enjoy the warmth at the shore
  20. Fishing Line: 08/26/10
  21. Best ways to enjoy the warmth at the shore
  22. Socal Fish Report 25 Aug 2010 Jim Matthews
  23. Fishing, hunting licenses move online
  24. Sunday Drive: Circling Briones
  25. Spill Cleanup Continues at Orange County's Atwood Channel
  26. Free Fishing Clinic to be Held in Sacramento
  27. Head to the Lake (or River or Ocean) on Free Fishing Day
  28. Heenan Lake Fishery to open for Labor Day Weekend
  29. Holiday weekend: open campsites, summer weather
  30. Fishing Line: 09/02/10
  31. Holiday weekend: open campsites, summer weather
  32. Labor Day Boaters Urged to Remain Watchful for Quagga/Zebra Mussels
  33. $2.85 Million Released to Restore San Pablo Bay Marshlands
  34. For inventor, the proof is in the halibut
  35. Sunday Drive: Point Reyes Getaway
  36. Bikes, bay views, history rule on Angel Island
  37. Fishing Line: 09/09/10
  38. Outbound Escapes: Wild Game Cooking
  39. Bikes, bay views, history rule on Angel Island
  41. BIG BEAR TOURNAMENT FOR THE BASS. Saturday, Sept. 18 2010
  42. California wardens bag more poachers
  43. Elk-watching season hits its height
  44. Sunday drive: Sunol back roads
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  46. Elk-watching season hits its height
  47. Sunday drive: Sunol back roads
  48. Feather River Hatchery Expects Good Early Returns of Salmon
  49. Sea Otter Deaths From Shark Bites on the Rise
  50. Deer season opens Saturday
  51. Trout plants get early start
  52. Fishing charts: Top picks
  53. Fishing Line - 09/15/10
  54. Deer season opens Saturday
  55. Trout plants get early start
  56. Sea otter deaths linked to toxin in freshwater bacteria
  57. Skunk encounter earns man stripes
  58. Skunk encounter earns man stripes
  59. Sunday Drive: Marin's grand loop
  60. Skunk encounter earns man his stripes
  61. Clyde Brown Sportfishing charters now available for catfish near Blythe CA
  62. Draft Report on Delta Water Flow and Species of Concern Now Available for Publ
  63. Fishing Line - 09/23/10
  64. Fishing charts: Top picks
  65. East Bay's 'Kids Challenge' not for kids only
  66. Agencies to Dedicate New Battle Creek Salmon Trail
  67. SOCAL FISH REPORT, 22 SEPT 2010. Jim Matthews
  68. Big Bear Lake’s 6th annual TroutfesT Set for Oct. 2-3 2010
  69. Sunday Drive: Coastal Shark Drive
  70. Stienstra: Best ways to explore S.F. shoreline
  71. Recreation at Bay Area lakes varies widely
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  73. Fishing Line: 09/30/10
  74. Recreation at Bay Area lakes varies widely
  75. DFG Hosts Public Information Meeting Regarding Draft Report on Delta Water Fl
  76. Sunday drive: Mount Umunhum
  77. Guides' heroism teaches lessons
  78. American River Salmon Festival Canceled
  79. State cancels American River Salmon Festival
  80. Research a bit before pursuing fall foliage
  81. Research a bit before pursuing fall foliage
  82. Nimbus fish passage options under review
  83. Fishing Line: 10/07/10
  84. Salmon Spawning Starts at DFG-Operated Hatcheries in the Sacramento River Syst
  85. CA Fish and Game Commission corrupted by Schwarzenegger over MLPA implementation
  88. Whale of a show at the Farallones
  89. Sunday Drive: Angora Lakes
  90. Ken's Sporting Goods in Bridgeport CA on Facebook
  91. Sac State junior wins fishing derby plus bragging rights
  92. FALL ACTIVITIES / Bay Area is great, but could be better
  93. Tide tables
  94. Fishing charts: Top picks
  95. FALL ACTIVITIES / Bay Area is great, but could be better
  97. Carmel River Steelhead Association Wild Game BBQ. Sun Oct 24 2010
  98. Friend of conservation dies doing what he loved from snake bite. William “Skip” Price
  99. Poachers sentenced for killing deer in Yosemite
  100. Fishing Line
  101. State park poaching on rise
  102. Playing defense against the bears
  103. Sunday drive: Valley-to-Valley
  104. Popular Dungeness Crab Sport Fishery to Open Statewide
  105. By land or by sea, AT&T is one great park to see
  106. Fishing Line: 10/28/10
  107. The Adventure: Salmon finish lifelong journey at Nimbus Hatchery
  108. Outbound Escapes: Fall hikes
  109. By land or by sea, AT&T is one great park to see
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  111. Task Force Approves Recommendations to Complete California's Open Coast Marine
  112. Domoic Acid Advisory Issued for Consumers of Lobsters and Rock Crabs in Southe
  113. DFG NEW LICENSE SYSTEM PROS AND CONS. Jim Matthews column
  114. Sunday drive: San Bruno Mountain
  115. 6-month closures are overly cautious
  116. Kids, adults can learn fishing skills at clinic
  117. Electric bike makes escaping car less daunting
  118. Fishing Line: 11/04/10
  119. Sunday Drive: Bethel Island
  120. Parks on a shoestring - it's the future
  121. OUTDOORS / Great trips (barely) off the beaten path
  122. Fishing Line: 11/11/10
  123. Salmon make a comeback in Central Valley rivers
  124. A drive along Muir Woods loop
  125. Gadgets bring nature into the future
  126. OUTDOORS / Schools of stripers offer lower delta fun
  127. Fishing Line: 11/18/10
  128. SNOW REPORT / Heavy mountain storm promises holiday skiing
  129. SNOW REPORT / Heavy mountain storm promises holiday skiing
  130. Hunter tragedy raises safety questions
  131. Northern California commercial Dungeness crab season opens Dec. 1
  132. Fishing Line: 11/25/10
  133. Outbound Escapes: Thanksjibbin' Rail Jam
  134. Leland High Sierra Snowplay - sled without hassle
  135. Reality TV show follows Fish and Game wardens on their dangerous beats
  136. Gobble this good news: Parkway turkeys can't be hunted
  137. Read the clouds for backcountry weather report
  138. Game warden reality show is a hit with viewers
  139. Endangered Russian River Coho Plant Sets Record
  140. Tom Stienstra's favorite snowshoe treks
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  142. Fishing Line: 12/02/10
  143. Sunday Drive: Hunting Hollow Trailhead
  144. A wild show not always full of justice
  145. Fishing Line: 12/09/10
  146. WILDERNESS / New trail introduces hikers to ancient trees
  147. New 2011-2012 Groundfish Regulations Delayed
  148. Commercial Market Squid Fishery to Close December 17
  149. Winter bird migration in Sacramento Valley
  150. Winter bird migration in Sacramento Valley
  151. Fishing Line: 12/16/10
  152. Beautiful drive leads to best Bay Area trailhead
  153. Fishing for Holiday Gift Ideas? Buy a 2011 License for Your Favorite Angler
  154. Kayak craze is hooking bay anglers
  155. Being prepared for winter travel can save lives
  156. Sacramentan feels the lure of crafting homemade fishing tackle
  157. Fishing Line: 12/23/10
  158. Ocean energy projects may menace marine migration
  159. 2010: A year of big numbers in great outdoors
  160. Fishing Line: 12/30/10
  161. Fishing Line: 01/06/11
  162. Outbound Escapes: Fishing Clinic
  163. Fishing Line: 01/13/11
  164. State parks budget cuts shouldn't be ruinous
  165. Make trip to sportsman's expo an adventure
  166. Make trip to sportsman's expo an adventure
  167. Fishing Line: 01/20/11
  168. California hunters at risk from illegal pot growers, law enforcers say
  169. 5 added to California Outdoors Hall of Fame
  170. TROUT DERBY PRADO REGIONAL PARK, CHINO CA Feb 5 2011. San Bernardino County Parks
  171. Fishing Line: 01/27/11
  172. Fish and Game officials find way to stock trout
  173. Fishing Line: 02/03/11
  174. So Cal fishing question
  175. Anglers urged to avoid 'Kodak moment' with threatened green sturgeon
  176. Selling animal parts is mostly against the law
  177. Flyway Festival offers educated look at wetlands
  178. Keith Fraser is the dean of sturgeon anglers
  179. Fishing Line: 02/17/11
  180. Fishing season opens Friday
  181. 2-year prison term in bear poaching
  182. San Gabriel Fishing Trip
  183. Pending settlement would ease state rules on catching striped bass
  184. Fishing Line: 02/24/11
  185. Fishing Line: 03/03/11
  186. Fishing prime time coming soon to Bay Area lakes
  187. Fishing Line: 03/10/11
  188. Fishing prime time coming soon to Bay Area lakes
  189. Tsunami causes millions in damage in California
  190. Pescadero marsh and beach
  191. Fishing Line: 03/17/11
  192. Fishing line
  193. Endangered Coho Salmon Return to Russian River
  194. Sunday drive: Griffin Preserve
  195. San Pablo Reservoir 3-27-2011
  196. Reservations critical for top outdoors attractions
  197. Fishing Line: 03/31/11
  198. Great anticipation for best salmon season in years
  199. Sweeney Ridge: Views from Pacific to Mount Diablo
  200. Fishing Line: Fishing report for the week of April 4
  201. Whale of a San Pablo Bay sturgeon
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  203. Fishing Line: 04/07/11
  204. Wet year means good spring for waterfalls, flowers
  205. Sunday Drive: Loch Lomond
  206. Fishing Line: 04/11/11
  207. Wet spring portends another big year for snakes
  208. Fishing Line: 04/14/11
  209. Outbound Escapes: For the anglers
  210. Big Bear Lake is full, releasing water for first time since 1996.
  211. Kern River Fly Shop on Facebook. Kern River Fly Fishing Guide Service, trout fishing
  212. Big winter promises great year for lake recreation
  213. Sacramento Valley anglers gear up for salmon fishing's return
  214. Fishing Line: 04/21/11
  215. Find camping solitude in spring closer to home
  216. Salmon fishing returns to Sacramento Valley rivers in July
  217. State OKs Sacramento Valley salmon fishing season
  218. California Fish and Game struggles to rewrite rules for dredge gold mining
  219. Sunday drive: Tennessee Valley
  220. Beauty be dammed - Hetch Hetchy inspires
  221. Fishing Line: 04/28/11
  222. Slow start to what will be a great fishing season
  223. Boating season opens May 1
  224. Wildflower Weekend at Rancho del Oso, April 30
  225. Sunday Drive: Las Trampas Regional Wilderness
  226. New book captures Mount Diablo's glory
  227. Leave crowds behind at bass hot spot Clear Lake
  228. Leave crowds behind at bass hot spot Clear Lake
  229. Fishing Line: 05/05/11
  230. The Adventure: Dip in with the North Fork American River Alliance
  231. Sunday Drive: Skyline Ridge
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  233. Sacto 9-1-1: Fishermen charged with poaching tiny salmon shortly after they were released into river
  234. Be prepared and smart in outdoors to stay happy
  235. Alleged poachers arrested in wake of hatchery fingerlings' release
  236. Yellowtail & White Sea Bass Seminar at Turner's May 18 2011 San Marcos CA w/ Brandon Hayward. Kelp cutting rig
  237. Outbound Escapes: For anglers, birders
  238. Fishing Line: 05/12/11
  239. Prepare for the best rafting season in decades
  240. Sunday Drive: Samuel P. Taylor
  241. Fishing gear suppliers excited about Central Valley salmon season
  242. Sunday Drive: Samuel P. Taylor
  243. Let's designate these places 'out of season'
  244. State park closures unlikely to keep people out
  245. Fishing Line: 05/19/11
  246. State park closures unlikely to keep people out
  248. Fish and Game seeks wildlife management volunteers
  249. Fishing Line: 05/26/11
  250. Memorial Day outdoors options for late planners