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  1. Fishing line
  2. NOTES / Purchase of vast watershed protects a pristine river
  3. His life is a long, gratifying hike
  4. Pleasanton Ridge is very pleasant place to take a hike
  5. Fishing line
  6. Fred Hall Show, the granddaddy of outdoor shows,
  7. Can anyone land the monster rainbows being planted in
  8. Sportsmen's Expo head hooks fly-fishing honor
  9. The secret's out on 'smallest mountain range in the world'
  10. An urban bike trail that's done right
  11. Upcoming Adventure: If it's all wet, it's at California Rivers
  12. Fishing line
  13. Deadline to reverse budget cuts approaching
  14. Good time to take inventory on gear - and yourself
  15. How Governor's proposed cuts will affect state parks
  16. Ring in spring with an adventure
  17. Adventure of the Week: Angling for a little fun
  18. Out and About: Trout derby
  19. Adventure of the Week: Angling for a little fun
  20. Taking stock of fishing lakes - it's all about East Bay
  21. Calif., Ore. early coastal salmon fishing shut down
  22. Euphoria along the waterfront - kayaking across the Bay Area
  23. No poaching, no problem when a female Fish & Game warden patrols t
  24. Fishing line
  25. Released by Aquarium, shark hustles to Mexico
  26. Salmon numbers fall, but possible explanations grow
  27. Released Calif. great white heads south, pronto
  28. Fishing line
  29. A Bay Area getaway is never far away / RIDING AND HIKING: Trail at Fiv
  30. OUTDOORS / A Bay Area getaway is never far away
  31. A Bay Area getaway is never far away / FISHING AND BOATING: Angling fo
  32. A Bay Area getaway is never far away / HIKING AND BIKING: The path les
  33. These rangers aren't ready to come in from the cold
  34. Feather River section to open for trout
  35. Threat with plenty of mussel / Tiny species could wreak havoc with Cal
  36. Step lively now - here's an all-points bulletin for spring hikes
  37. Fishing line
  38. Smart animals, dumb people
  39. Went Trout fishing for the first time this weekend
  40. The prime time for bass is imminent / As temperature of water climbs,
  41. Fishing line
  42. Outdoors notebook: The mysterious black panther makes a rare appearanc
  43. The mysterious black panther makes a rare appearance, scout reports
  44. Bishop is best when it comes to California dreamin'
  45. DFG gets new director
  46. Fishing line
  47. SF real estate mogul indicted for poaching steelhead
  48. Baja offers superb fishing, boating, and low gas prices add to its app
  49. Trout opener will call for some skill / Conditions on Saturday give an
  50. Opener's Ins And Outs
  51. Fishing line
  52. Fishing line
  53. NOTEBOOK / Freed whale towed buoys 2,500 miles
  54. Enviros and hook-n-bullet set form unlikely alliance
  55. Start practicing for your driver's test
  56. Outdoors: Yosemite's glorious spring coming out party
  57. YOSEMITE IN THE SPRING / COMING OUT PARTY / A guide to enjoying Mother
  58. SPRING TREK / Point Reyes Coastal Trail is a Bay Area best bet
  59. State panel imposes strict limits on Valley salmon fishing
  60. Outdoors notebook: Eliminating pot farm saves wildlife
  61. NOTEBOOK / Eliminating pot farm saves wildlife
  62. Fisherman was a winner before the contest began
  63. Dixon's legendary big bass bites bullet
  64. Dry spring means early openings for roads over Sierra passes
  65. Hiking, lunch and music combine for 'Fresh Tracks'
  66. Herons and egrets provide highlight of Bolinas 'Pond Day'
  68. Reprieve for state parks makes economic sense
  69. Surviving a most challenging East Bay trail in mid-May heat wave
  70. Changing recreation landscape / Gas prices are altering what Northern
  71. Outdoors: Other fish down, but a great May for halibut on Bay
  72. Other fish down, but a great May for halibut on bay
  73. Scenic trail camps abound near urban core
  74. New "California Outdoors Q&A" Column to Debut
  75. Humpback whales thriving - and putting on a show - off the Farallon Is
  76. Word to the wise: Hungry sharks are expanding their range
  77. Aņo Nuevo's new center a model of productive teamwork
  78. Splashy summer for rapid rafts / California rivers ready to test brave
  79. Adventure of the Week: Lake Davis is back - fish on!
  80. The next-best gifts to Dad, other than a call or visit
  81. Record bass hooked at Los Vaqueros, along with that 28-pound catfish
  82. IDYLL TIMES IN PARKS / Late-spring conditions enhance natural beauty
  83. Fishing line
  84. Take care of outdoors to preserve its beauty
  85. NOTEBOOK / Krill on rise - fish food chain strengthens one of its link
  86. Study confirms: Be careful out there
  87. Public Workshops Scheduled to Begin MLPA Initiative South Coast Projec
  88. Tuolumne means golden adventures
  89. Fishing line
  91. DFG Sets Record With 20.2 Million Young Salmon Raised,
  92. High-country campgrounds are open
  93. The delicious surprise of a wildlife sighting
  94. Cool times for the summer season / BEACHES: Coast of Marin can sooth,
  95. Cool times for the summer season
  96. Cool times for the summer season / SWIMMING: East Bay's plentiful
  97. Cool times for the summer season / REDWOODS: Moist forests provide res
  98. East Bay's Tilden Park is first and best
  99. Fishing Line
  100. $15 can go a long way to preserving rare bird habitats
  101. Blown away
  102. Fishing line
  103. Salmon fishing banned on Central Valley rivers
  104. 'Four-Wheel Bob' rolls to presidential award
  105. Fishing line
  106. Fish and Wildlife seeks comment on Delta smelt
  107. Finding your way in the dark / Cool climes await in state's best c
  108. Making wildlife feel at home, without losing your garden
  109. Rendezvous for homemade kayaks
  110. FINDING RELIEF / Fires, gas prices limit destinations for outdoors tri
  111. Fire survivor back by I-5 restaurant
  112. Fishing line
  113. OUTDOORS NOTEBOOK / Teacher's summer vacation is a lesson plan for
  114. POWER OF PLACE / Wilderness areas offer cleansing treks that are the p
  115. Fishing line
  116. Salmon, steelhead catch limits increased
  117. A new way to prevent shark attack
  118. Mack-daddy trout landed at Cave Rock
  119. 113-pound blue cat shatters CA state record
  120. Kayaking is a fun alternative to high gas prices, low water levels
  121. Water(less) sports / Boaters facing dried up lakes and reservoirs
  122. Fishing line
  123. Your own private paradise awaits at a mile-high lake
  124. Fishing Line
  125. Signs point to monster return for salmon
  126. Bear tales: Ursine mysteries that grow into urban legends
  127. Signs point to monster return for salmon
  128. Whopper of a fish, but is it a record?
  129. Outdoors behavior, ethics are ready for modification
  130. Fishing line
  131. Full-coverage emergency access in any wilderness condition
  132. S.F. waterfront is a treasure / Adventures abound, from shoreline walk
  133. Monster bass won't be counted as a world record
  134. From a single feather comes a tale of wild life and death
  135. Caples Lake trout play hard to get for state rescuers
  137. Pick payoff destinations for wise fuel use
  138. Caples Lake fish rescue improves after slow start
  139. Fishing Line
  140. Spawning salmon traumatized by fishing technique
  141. Tahoe escaped insidious quagga, this time
  142. Aquarium shark sighting lets fish lovers refocus their fears
  143. Public input sought on changes in fish programs
  144. MAKING CONNECTIONS / Park-to-park trails expand access, but not acreag
  145. Expert guide makes fly-fishing look easy
  146. Fishing line
  147. Wildlife Conservation Board funds environmental improvement projects
  148. Dept. Of Fish And Game To Hold Public Meetings Regarding Hatchery
  149. Becoming an Outdoors-Woman
  150. All are free to worship at John Muir's 'church'
  151. Two hikers and a rower who were up to the challenge
  152. Spectacular getaways in San Mateo County
  153. Stalking the bugling bulls of Grizzly Island
  154. Fishing Line
  155. OUTDOORS NOTEBOOK / Arson probe after Inyo visitor center fire
  156. Top trout lakes hold promise, but watch that fishing line
  157. IT'S THE HUNT, NOT THE SHOT / Preparation is first step in the cur
  158. Fishing Line: Top picks
  159. The DFG's answer woman
  160. Fishing line
  161. State parks elude budget cuts
  162. Outdoors: How to go invisible
  163. Outdoors: Rebuilding Bay Area trails
  164. Fishing line
  165. Stunning move saves fish
  166. Economy's effect not all bad
  167. Bargains around the bay / Opportunities to get something for (almost)
  168. Area of Fossett's crash a wilderness paradise
  169. Mountain lion issues wake-up call
  170. Forests hope for much needed shower
  171. Mount Whitney Hatchery remains closed due to the threat of flood
  172. Fishing Line: Top Picks
  173. ON A CLEAR DAY... / Fall brings great views, camping, fishing
  174. Fish ladder idle at American River Salmon Festival
  175. Winged sub almost ready to go very deep
  176. Out of the ashes, a bear tale emerges
  177. Longtime Napa residents launch kayak rental business
  178. Fishing line
  179. Deadline Approaches to Apply for Game Warden Academy
  180. Outdoor notes: A good payoff if you're looking for stripers in the
  181. A poochy palliative for troubled times
  182. NOTEBOOK / There's a good payoff if you're looking for striper
  183. Fishing Line: Top Picks
  184. LIFETIME BENEFITS / Outdoor education has deep, lengthy meaning for ki
  185. Outdoors: As lakes empty, sunken treasures emerge
  186. Audit turns up something fishy
  187. Drought, or water heist?
  188. Federal judge rules for wild Calif. steelhead
  189. FLYOVER TIME / Annual migration spectacle of waterfowl, raptors and so
  190. Fishing line
  191. Outdoors notes: Lore says it'll pour - early, that is
  192. Lore says it'll pour - early, that is
  193. DFG's abalone checkpoint bags pot merchants
  194. Fishing Line
  195. Catching a break on salmon
  196. Taking Marin two wheels at a time
  197. Tahoe inspections target invasive mussels
  198. Outdoors notebook: East Bay parks system, and voters, get it right
  199. NOTEBOOK / East Bay parks, voters get it right
  200. Monster salmon could be harbinger of fish's recovery
  201. Outdoor Library: You'll be hooked by these fish tales ...
  202. Fishing Line: Top Picks
  203. 'Black panther sightings' in Bay Area parks
  204. Dead chinook salmon may be one of biggest ever found
  205. Record Size Chinook Salmon Found on DFG Survey of
  206. Radio implants to track salmon through Delta
  207. Big Brother is watching, even in Northern California wilds
  208. Redwoods League's green backing
  209. Big Brother is watching, even in Northern California wilds
  210. NOTEBOOK / Redwoods' green backing
  211. Fishing Line: Top Picks
  213. Deal reached to limit planting fish for sport
  214. Soul-soaring views await from perch above Heart Lake
  215. Soul-soaring views await from perch above Heart Lake
  216. CA judge approves trout stocking limits
  217. Decision to not stock lakes irks some mountain counties
  218. Chronicle's picks for Thanksgiving weekend
  219. CA Wildlife Conservation Board Funds Environmental Improvement
  220. Fishing Line: Top Picks
  221. Chronicle's picks for Thanksgiving weekend
  222. Tomales Bay offers a pre-winter wonderland
  223. Sweeney Ridge is just the fix for 'tunnel syndrome'
  224. Point Pinole is perfect for exploring by bicycle
  225. Trout plants halted - it's a load of bullfrogs!
  226. Fishing Line
  227. Good weather for ducks - not for hunters
  228. Wet-weather closures for mountain bikes
  229. No snow means it's no go for most California resorts
  230. Fishing Line
  231. Fog or not, magic views from Castle Rock
  232. DFG trout stocking program is and always will be
  233. Everything's in season for squid along Pacific Coast
  234. Scientists put high-tech tail on salmon
  235. Fishing line
  236. "Trout War" continues over fish planting
  237. Holiday bird count is all-access
  238. Fishing line
  239. Li'l Smokey and pals to be released into the wild
  240. Heroes step forward
  241. Fishing line: Top picks
  242. Warmer weather expected in time for holiday skiing
  243. Fine line in preserving the reserve
  244. ISE Show - San Mateo CA. January 8-11, 2009
  245. Department Of Fish And Game Comments On U.S. Fish And Wildlife
  246. Unveil the outdoors by wrapping up a book
  247. Outdoors notebook: $50K to help save the planet's day
  248. Fishing Line
  249. Fishing Line
  250. Snow Sports / Resorts open more terrain for holidays