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  1. Nothing better than Steelies in a stream
  2. Back to Bishop
  3. On the spot report- Eastern Sierra
  4. fishing guide
  5. Small scale invasion
  6. 4th Annual Fishing Day
  7. McNally Fire & Fish in Kern River
  8. Pine Creek Ranks as One of the Great Unknown Trout Streams
  9. June Lake Loop Fish Action
  10. 2002--Summer of the leaping sturgeon
  11. Big Bear
  12. catfishing
  13. Visit Anaheim Lake — again
  14. Bruce Hamby, fishing guide in California Gold
  15. FLW Tour wants lake's slot limit lifted for tourny
  16. Panfish
  17. Fisherman, 15, gets hooked on adventure
  19. Salton Sea
  20. Life Jacket Recall Announced
  21. Fall king salmon hot on the Klamath-Trinity river
  22. DFG to plant more and bigger fish in selected Bay
  23. Old Fishing Tackle Swap Meet. 9/28/02
  24. National Hunting and Fishing Day gives outdoorsmen
  25. Free Fishing Day
  26. Fishing Tales Webpage
  27. Joys of hunting and fishing discovered,
  28. Largemouth Bass Virus Found
  29. Anglers, Get Ready to Take a Powder
  30. Olancha Ca.angler catches record brown trout from
  31. What the heck????
  32. Stockton reels in a big BASS ... tourney
  33. Angler assaults on upper Sacramento being
  34. Anybody been fishing lately?
  35. S.F. Sports & Boat Show will end 60-year winter
  36. Dusty Baker feels love of first rod & reel
  37. Delta provides vast playground for boaters,
  38. DFG Needs Help
  39. Anglers: Watch step near salmon nests
  40. Shasta Lake trout anglers gear up for winter
  41. It's time to match that hatch, and switch to fish
  42. High Sierra lakes bustling since there has been no
  43. Big Bear Lake CA
  44. Little Salmon Action
  45. Major snagging of salmon gets past CA DFG
  46. NEw boating laws for CA effective 1/1/2003
  47. How To Post Your Pics In The Forum Here
  48. Ocean Search for Two Fishermen Called Off
  49. PArk Service Dumping Rat Poison in Ocean
  50. Man charged in Sacramento River stoning incident
  51. Newest Hall of Famer has landed 49 of them
  52. When anglers cross border into Mexico, lingcod and
  53. Denizens of deep still biting strong. Call it the
  54. Charged with bagging 110 'shorts,' lobstermen long
  55. Helpful California Fishing Links
  56. Rockfish Eye Opener
  57. Sand Dabs For The Homeless
  58. Fort Hunter Liggett check in window experiences
  59. Local lobsterman gets a too-close view of a great
  60. If catching bass in bay is so easy, then go prove
  61. Jon Michael Hand, lobster poached sentenced
  62. A how-to guide in revamping woeful DFG
  63. Case law supports the right to use California's
  64. Delta Fly Fishers outing to Lake Amador
  65. 61st San Francisco Sports & Boat Show at the Cow
  66. 2 major boat dock projects in Stockton approved
  67. DFG Names Coho Recovery Team
  68. New Emergency Commercial Fishing Trip Limit
  69. DFG Coho Salmon Recovery Team Makes It's 1st
  70. Pyramid Stripers Bite Wide Open
  71. Anglers, landings set up fishing trip to benefit
  72. What budget cuts mean for parks, DFG
  73. Memorial Services for George Walker 12/15/02
  74. United Anglers of Southern California to join
  75. Anglers Get Hooked on Giving
  76. Lake Santa Margarita
  77. Sandbar Traps Fishing Boats Inside Santa Cruz
  78. A 'Rosie' Discovery. Discovery of an uncharted
  79. DFG Warns Divers that the Deadline Looms for
  80. DFG Extends Comment Period for Draft Strategic
  81. Attention Anglers! Emergency Salmon Closure
  82. DFG Launches Clickable Fishing and Hunting
  83. A homeless man restores the faith of an avid
  84. State sued over Channel Islands closures
  85. Helping Capt. Mike Diamond of the Champ
  86. 8th annual San Diego Anglers Open Bay Bass
  87. DFG panel turns deaf ear to voice of fisherman
  88. Hoop-netter gets a huge San Diego Bay lobster
  89. Farrior's hobby leads to California spin on IGFA's
  90. A Great Day at the Breach
  91. Key Issues on the Agenda at Jan. 13 Lake Davis
  92. Finding Solitude, Steelhead
  93. Paul Wertz's Retirement Letter To DFG Head Bob
  94. Saving hunting and fishing requires money
  95. KoKanee Coming To SoCal? Anglers asking for
  96. State deficit means fees will go up
  97. Friends use Spanish mackerel to bag yellowtails
  98. Region's anglers urged to let rare steelhead off
  99. Variety at annual show whets appetite of those
  100. Mitten crabs stymie pursuit of sturgeon
  101. Anybody been bass fishing lately?
  102. Commission Receives New Plan for California's
  103. Fish and Game Commission meeting Feb 6 - 7, 2003
  104. $15,500 Reward Offered in Pelican Deaths
  105. Southern California Boat Show Feb. 15-23, 2003
  106. Castiac Lake hot for winter bass
  107. S.F Chronicle writer in state Outdoors Hall of
  108. State plan for abalone continues restrictions on
  109. Tuna Melts. Quick surrender by 300-pounder ends
  110. Angling for dollars a victim of bad timing
  111. Anglers off hook on ocean closures
  112. Pro bass tour is growing almost as fast as Jay
  113. Gold Rush mercury a danger in Sierra fish, state
  114. Sea Otters, Abalone May Need Separate Reserves
  115. DFG Seeks Nominations to Fill Seats on Pacific
  116. Recreational Ocean Salmon Season Opens Feb. 15,
  117. 2 Lobster Trappers Convicted. Could face four
  118. There's Nothing Cold About the Fishing This Winter
  119. Bass fishing takes one part patience, two parts
  120. Catching bass can be a knotty matter
  121. Proposal to establish a new "boat limit" for party
  122. Redding student a finalist in Field and Stream
  123. Crawdads lure 'em at Lower Otay
  124. Bay of jigs. Navy's stewardship of San Diego Bay
  125. Ball proud of his legacy, but worried about San
  126. Bay Bass Challenge is a real test
  127. The San Diego Council of Bass Clubs
  128. PWC safety course online
  129. Shasta Fly Fishers offer instruction
  130. Catch and release more a matter of prudence than
  131. So far, no one has hooked 50 bass to claim $250
  132. San Rafael CA Fly Fishing Show Feb. 28-March 2 at
  133. State Panel Bans Trawling for Prawns
  134. Salmon killed by illegal drug activities?
  135. Diamond Valley Lake Opener
  136. Fed Hall SHow in Long Beach
  137. Lake Jennings a great place to catch fish and
  138. Anglers Hooked On Good Cause. Pete Lopiccola
  139. World's Greatest Fishing Band, the fish rock band
  140. One bay bass challenger left
  141. First Hints of Spring Fever Creep North
  142. Lake Davis' pesky pike receive spawning season
  143. Groups seek restraining order to halt Channel
  144. REgs restricting sport fishing in areas around
  145. Military kids get free fishing trips in San Diego
  146. Sport Fishing Regulations now Online, Published
  147. Aquaculture Program EIR Draft Document Released
  148. Lake Davis Detonation Cord Discharge Scheduled
  149. DFG Launches Restricted Access Program for
  150. Trout Survive Kern River Calamities
  151. Abalone Split-Season Opens April 1, 2003
  152. Ocean Salmon Fishery Options to be Presented at
  153. Popular Eastern Sierra Trout Opener Set For April
  154. 'California Heritage Trout Challenge' To Award
  155. Sierra trout season opener update
  156. 17th Annual Santa Monica Bay Halibut Derby
  157. 30th Annual Newport In-Water Boat Show
  158. Free fishing day brings cash, exposure to Anderson
  159. Ideas sought for fine funds in Shasta Co.
  160. Trout Opener, Plants, Derbies & More
  161. Sierra Trout Opener Big Success
  162. An Encore in the Eastern Sierra
  163. Henshaw owes piece of history to Socins
  164. S.D. sportfishing dean relishes his Day at the
  165. Docks celebrate sportfishing
  166. Bay Bass Challenge turns out to be too much of one
  167. Native charm. Season opener is a chance to find
  168. Fisherman in state can expect to see some
  169. Storm stifles salmon opener
  170. Hope Springs eternal with trout's annual rite
  171. Sacramento River adventure provides fun in 'rapid'
  172. Ghost's chance of saving lake
  173. New Outdoor Pro Shop in Oakland. 5,000-square-foot
  174. Lake Oroville put to rights after late spring
  175. Californian of the Year honored. Rod Browning of
  176. DFG Busts 10 In Tri-State Sturgeon Poaching
  177. DFG Implements Interim Policy for Marine
  178. BOW Offers Beginners Canoe and Kayak Instruction
  179. Return of Domoic Acid Could Result in High
  180. DFG Arrests Another 12 in Sturgeon Poaching
  181. Where Are You From & Where Do You Like To Fish?
  182. Crackdown at Havasu on illegally moored watercraft
  183. Albacore fishing heats up
  184. Giant pacu in San Diego
  185. Some suspect kokanee will be gobbled up in San
  186. How can practice of catch-and-release be harmful
  187. San Diego Lakes concession services are expected
  188. Fishing pier now open at Lake Britton at McArthur-
  189. Grunion run dates & time in SoCal
  190. One Day at Sea and These Kids Are Hooked
  191. High Country Roads Will Reopen Today
  192. Huge 19-7 bass from Lake Dixon taken by
  193. Fishing at California’s Davis Lake is red hot
  194. Tasty morsels await anglers at Iron Gate Reservoir
  195. Free fishing day to bring out the best of times
  196. Two new launch ramps could lure more boaters to
  197. Tips on landing the big bass at Clear Lake
  198. Revitalize your body and mind with a Lake Don
  199. Southern California Bass Council Settlement Over
  200. Tuna Time?
  201. "Fishing for 50K" event at Big Bear Lake
  202. Kennedy Meadows General Store fishing derby 6/14/
  203. He's Caught in Jaws of Strife
  204. Seabass Frenzy
  205. Albacore Update 6/13/03
  206. S.F Sports & Boat Show to return to Cow Palace
  207. Night anglers are having their day
  208. Final ABA San Diego Team Tournament at San Vicente
  209. 16th Annual Windansea Board Fishing Tournament
  210. Bass not the only fish thriving in city lakes
  211. Weighty issues to be settled with state-of-the-art
  212. Larry Bottroff, San Diego's longtime fisheries
  213. BoarTracks Help! Skunked Twice!
  214. Do You Wahoo? Now's the Time
  215. CA Ocean Sport Fisheries for Rockfish Open July 1
  216. If only we all could have the fishing luck of Gene
  217. Redding Record Searchlight Outdoors section,
  218. Carbon monoxide warning issued
  219. DFG regs meeting in Long Beach Aug 1-2 2003
  220. Anyone go grunion hunting?
  221. A full stringer Tremendous opportunity for trout
  222. Rockfish fair game after eight months on the
  223. Free fishing expeditions seminar July 8 2003
  224. Simple tied fly evokes a rush of old memories
  225. The DFG money sponge
  226. DFG Releases Several Informational Publications
  227. Fish and Game Commission Seeks Comments on Plan
  228. Shelter Island Pier is a bridge to good times for
  229. 16th annual Windansea Board Fishing derby
  230. Yo ho, ho and a boatload of fish: Guide adopts
  231. Anglers can't resist allure of chinook
  232. Tourney to fatten up Lewiston Lake fish
  233. Fish caught in S.F. bay contain high levels of
  234. Boating Safety Report
  235. Overlooked lakes offer summer fun
  236. Grizzly Island Wildlife Area Closed Between July
  237. Region 1 News - Trout Plants Listed
  238. Diamond Valley Update
  239. Hatchery Cutbacks May Disappoint Ca Anglers
  240. Ed McEwen, 85; Party-Boat Captain Charted 77 Years
  241. Whales' Plight, Part Two
  242. Castaic Lake may close on September 1, 2003
  243. A Shark Attack Brings More Reports to Surface
  244. New TV Show. "Standup Fishing With Bill Roecker"
  245. Nuisance sea lions, seals subject of federal
  246. Absence of divers in Hall is a shame
  247. The Bottom Scratchers
  248. TV crewman zooms in on major marlin
  249. A Pierless Professional
  250. Is the Salton Sea fished out?