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  1. WDFW accepting comments through Dec. 1 on 2010-12 sportfishing rule proposals
  2. King County's Beaver Lake to receive 2,000 large hatchery rainbow trout
  3. Commission adopts new policy on state's hatcheries and fisheries
  4. Evening razor-clam dig approved for Nov. 14-17
  5. Comment period extended, meetings added on Puget Sound rockfish conservation plan
  6. Endangered Oregon spotted frogs returned to native habitat
  7. WDFW seeks nominations to Puget Sound rockfish advisory group
  8. WDFW finalizes environmental statement for livestock grazing plan on wildlife lands
  9. Columbia River salmon, steelhead endorsement will take effect April 2010
  10. Fish and Wildlife Commission to take comment on proposed 2010-12 sportfishing rules
  11. Agencies seek public's help in curtailing spread of invasive snails in Capitol Lake
  12. Dec. 2-5 evening razor clam dig approved
  13. Grants available for volunteer projects that benefit fish and wildlife
  14. Public meeting held to discuss McKernan Hatchery partnership criteria
  15. Fish and Wildlife Commission hears comments on sportfishing rule proposals
  16. Fishery managers predict 470,000 Columbia River spring Chinook in 2010
  17. Cascade River fishery closes Dec. 19 due to low hatchery steelhead return
  18. Puget Sound sport crabbing to close Jan 2; winter catch reports due by Jan. 15
  19. Evening razor clam dig approved for New Year's holiday
  20. Public meeting set in Kelso on smelt fishing prospects
  21. Next evening razor-clam dig tentatively set to begin Jan. 27
  22. Brant numbers strong enough for Skagit hunt
  23. Restricted smelt fishery opens Feb. 6 on the Cowlitz River
  24. Marine toxin clouds razor clam dig, prevents opening at Long Beach
  25. Arrest warrant issued in zebra mussel case
  26. Tests clear razor clam digs at 4 of 5 ocean beaches
  27. Fish and Wildlife Commission to consider sportfishing rules at February 4-6 meeting
  28. Public meeting set to discuss Columbia River sturgeon fishery
  29. Public meeting on salmon forecast kicks off season-setting process
  30. Commission tightens conservation guidelines for sturgeon, adopts sportfishing rules
  31. Forks meeting to outline fish-virus response at Bogachiel Hatchery
  32. Steelhead fishing will close Feb. 18 in five river systems around Puget Sound
  33. WDFW approves razor-clam dig with bonus days late this month
  34. Conservation drives fishing seasons for Columbia River white sturgeon
  35. Columbia River spring chinook season reflects extraordinary promise, caution
  36. Fish and Wildlife Commission modifies rockfish rule
  37. Wenatchee River steelhead fishery to close Sunday (Feb. 28)
  38. Strong Columbia River chinook run highlights 2010 salmon forecasts
  39. WDFW tentatively schedules two spring razor-clam digs
  40. Commission approves triploid trout stocking plan
  41. Boat ramp on Lower Lake Cushman will close Thursday for work on dam
  42. Federal panel adopts options for ocean salmon sport fisheries
  43. Trout planted in four lakes for spring-break fishing
  44. Statement on the listing of eulachon smelt as a 'threatened' species under the ESA
  45. Shellfish poaching investigation leads to arrests
  46. New recreational halibut seasons reflect lower quota for 2010
  47. March razor-clam opener to proceed
  48. Time to have fun again - lowland lakes officially open for fishing April 24
  49. WDFW seeks comments on revised Puget Sound rockfish conservation plan
  50. Kids' "Fish-In" events kick off this Saturday
  51. This week's razor-clam dig is on
  52. Kids' 'Fish-In' events kick off this Saturday
  53. WDFW to discuss Bonnie Lake area proposal at April 27 public meeting
  54. Kids' 'Fish-In' events in full swing
  55. Washington's salmon fisheries set for 2010
  56. Treaty tribes, state develop conservation-based salmon fisheries
  57. Late April, early May razor-clam dig is on
  58. Puget Sound shrimp season opens May 1
  59. Workshop scheduled to discuss report on Lake Washington sockeye salmon
  60. Weather limits the number of anglers on Opening Day, but those who show up reel in s
  61. WDFW statement on the listing of 3 Puget Sound rockfish species for protection under
  62. Pamphlet includes new fishing rules that take effect May 1 around the state
  63. Public Land Cleanups - 2010
  64. Grand opening of Beebe Springs Natural Area coming up May 12
  65. WDFW seeks nominations to Cowlitz River advisory group
  66. Last razor-clam dig of the season tentatively set
  67. Spring chinook fishing to close Monday between Bonneville and McNary dams
  68. Last razor-clam dig of the season set for this weekend
  69. Spring chinook fishing to close Monday between Bonneville and McNary dams
  70. Toxic algae closes fishing at Jefferson County's Anderson Lake
  71. Anglers can fish for free June 12-13
  72. WDFW seeks nominees for advisory group on fishing with lead tackle at lakes with loo
  73. Sport halibut fishing to reopen off La Push & Neah Bay
  74. WDFW cautions boat owners to steer clear of orca whales
  75. Halibut fishing to open for one more day off Neah Bay and La Push
  76. Merwin fishing event lures special kids
  77. Sturgeon fishery extended in Columbia River estuary
  78. WDFW enforcement increasing patrols as more areas of Puget Sound open for sport crab
  79. South Fio Rito Lake to be treated for milfoil; no swimming July 6-7
  80. Ocean sport anglers allowed up to two chinook daily
  81. Luhr's Beach pier closed
  82. Anglers get another 18 days to catch sturgeon in Columbia River estuary
  83. Public meetings scheduled to discuss Puget Sound Recreational Fishery Enhancement pr
  84. WDFW, local volunteers join to clean up Buena Pond public access area near Zillah
  85. Public meetings scheduled to discuss Puget Sound crab management
  86. Long Lake carp die-off may be natural occurrence
  87. Commission seeks public comments on Puget Sound Dungeness crab policy
  88. For the first time, Baker Lake will open for sockeye fishing
  89. Projects restrict fishing on Columbia jetty, hunting on North Fork Toutle mudflow
  90. Salmon fishing in all ocean areas open 7 days a week starting July 23
  91. Public meetings to review eastern Washington lake-treatment proposals
  92. Meetings scheduled to discuss fishery management on 13 lakes with loons
  93. Commission to hold public hearings on Puget Sound crab, waterfowl seasons
  94. Skokomish River opens for salmon fishing Aug. 1 under new rules, increased enforcem
  95. Partnership with commercial fishing group saves McKernan Hatchery from closing
  96. Elliott Bay sport fishery closes Aug. 6 due to a low chinook return
  97. WDFW issues corrections to the 2010-11 Sportfishing Rules pamphlet
  98. Colville Tribes keep Colville Fish Hatchery running
  99. Alternative commercial fishing gears to be tested on lower Columbia River
  100. WDFW seeks comments, schedules public meetings on marine fish management in the west
  101. Season's second razor-clam dig will begin on ocean beaches Nov. 5
  102. King County's Beaver Lake to receive 2,300 large hatchery rainbow trout
  103. Four areas of Puget Sound reopen Nov. 15 for late-season crab fishing
  104. WDFW seeks nominations for steelhead/cutthroat advisory group
  105. New waterfowl hunting area to open near the mouth of the Dungeness River
  106. Thousands of jumbo trout planted in lakes in Jefferson, Mason and Kitsap counties
  107. Committee members sought for Puget Sound recreational fisheries enhancement group
  108. First razor-clam dig of season approved to start Oct. 7
  109. Commission approves new policy for Puget Sound crab fisheries
  110. Lakes in Thurston, Kitsap counties planted with thousands of jumbo trout
  111. Wild steelhead retention on eight Olympic Peninsula rivers opens Feb. 16
  112. Razor-clam dig is a go' at two beaches Nov. 20-21
  113. Razor-clam dig is a 'go' at two beaches Nov. 20-21
  114. WDFW seeks comments, schedules public meeting on Snider Creek steelhead program
  115. WDFW schedules meeting in Port Angeles on proposed Elwha River fishing moratorium
  116. Commission to consider restricting the use of lead fishing tackle on lakes with loon
  117. Next razor-clam dig starts Dec. 3
  118. Fishery managers schedule meetings on Columbia River sturgeon management
  119. WDFW seeks nominations to sport fishing advisory group
  120. WDFW seeks nominations for Inland Fish Policy Advisory Group
  121. Commission restricts the use of lead fishing tackle on lakes with loons
  122. WDFW director seeks voluntary use of barbless hooks on Columbia River
  123. Puget Sound sport crabbing to close Jan 2; winter catch reports due by Feb. 1
  124. Razor clam dig approved for New Year's holiday
  125. Commission will consider sturgeon policy, hear from public on Elwha fishing proposal
  126. Next razor-clam digs tentatively set late this month, mid-February
  127. Commission reschedules action on sturgeon policy for Jan. 21
  128. Razor-clam dig approved for Jan. 20-22
  129. Commission approves sturgeon policy, second term for chair and vice-chair
  130. Fishing in rivers around Puget Sound to close due to low wild steelhead returns
  131. Commission to consider Puget Sound crab seasons, fishing closures in Elwha River Bas
  132. Sport lingcod season will start a week earlier in 3 coastal areas
  133. Commission approves new fishing seasons for Lake Sutherland game fish, Puget Sound c
  134. Columbia River fishing seasons set for spring chinook, sturgeon
  135. Next razor-clam dig starts Feb. 17
  136. Tri-State Steelheaders group rescues jumbo-trout stocking in SE Washington
  137. Public meeting on salmon forecast kicks off season-setting process
  138. New round of razor-clam digs tentatively set for March, April
  139. Strong runs of Columbia River chinook, Puget Sound coho and pink salmon projected
  140. WDFW schedules public meeting on Ebey Island salmon habitat restoration study
  141. Commission hears hunt proposals; amends Puget Sound clam, oyster seasons
  142. Federal panel adopts options for ocean salmon sport fisheries
  143. Razor-clam dig gets green light at ocean beaches March 19-22
  144. Fishing seasons for halibut reflect higher catch quota
  145. Poaching tip leads to guilty plea in one case, charges in two others
  146. Trout planted in several lakes for spring-break fishing
  147. Second round of razor-clam digs tentatively scheduled in April
  148. Razor-clam dig approved at two beaches April 7-9
  149. Anglers get at least 8 more days to catch chinook on lower Columbia
  150. Public meetings scheduled on northern pike
  151. Recreational shrimp fishery opens May 7 in Puget Sound
  152. Lakes stocked for big April 30 fishing season opener
  153. Action Alert Support funding for HATCHERIES and RAMPS 2/6/12
  154. Action Alert Derelict nets bill needs your voice now. CCA AND PSA
  155. 2013 Action Alert for hatchery funding