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  1. How To Post Your Pics In The Forum Here
  2. How long has this been here
  3. Helpful Oregon Hunting Links
  4. Passengers escape injury when small plane hits elk
  6. Enrapt with raptors. Falconers connect to practice
  7. Dusky Goose Quotas Reached on Sauvie Island
  8. Waterfowl Season to Re-Open in Eastern Oregon
  9. Fish and Wildlife Commission to meet in
  10. Access and Habitat Board Seeks Proposals for
  11. OR's Access and Habitat Programís 2003 Deer and
  12. Fishing and hunting licenses for 2003 go on sale
  13. Permanent Ban on Importation of Live Elk and Deer
  14. Anyone hunt the Northside unit?
  15. Dusky Goose Quotas Reached on Sauvie Island
  16. Waterfowl Season to Re-Open in Eastern Oregon
  17. Family Rabbit Hunt Offered as Part of Becoming an
  18. Commissionís 2003 Meeting Schedule Approved
  19. Grant process nearing an end for wildlife habitat
  20. ODFW Grant Funds Forage Plantings
  21. Farm Dedicated to Wildlife Habitat with Help from
  22. Public invited to attend Wolf Town Hall Meeting in
  23. Entraptured by raptors
  24. Oregon Brings Public Into Wolf Debate
  25. Fall turkey tags become hot commodity in Oregon
  26. Mule Deer Foundation Chapters & Banquets
  27. Mountain lion kills, eats deer in Bend, Oregon
  28. Pacific Northwest Sportsman's Show
  29. Central Oregon Sportsman's Show In Redmond OR
  31. FWS seeks to overturn court ruling in OR cougar
  32. Commission to Hear Report of Public Comments on
  33. Date Correction for Access and Habitat Program
  34. Trapping Task Force to Hold Final Meeting Thursday
  35. No Public Testimony to be Heard on Wolf Management
  36. Commission to vote on revised elk, deer management
  37. Oregon Bighorn Sheep Auction Tag Sells for $78,000
  38. OR hunters, anglers offer to pay more for licenses
  39. Movin to Oregon?
  41. OSP tracks poacher. Illegal trapping allegedly
  42. Commission Approves Strategies For Black-tailed
  43. Archery Hunting Review To Begin In 2003
  44. Amended Management Plans Adopted For Elk And Mule
  45. Fish And Wildlife Commission Meets In Newport
  46. Wildlife Biologists Begin Spotlighting To Count
  47. Bear Controlled Hunt Tags To Be Sold First Come,
  48. OR cougar-hunting compromise bill advances to full
  49. Forest Landowners Awarded for Outstanding
  50. U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Reclassifies Wolf
  51. ODFW Seeks Proposals for Projects That Increase
  52. Commission Directs Creation of Wolf Management
  53. 2003 Spring Turkey Season Offers Good Hunting
  54. Southeast Oregon bighorn sheep hunt cancelled for
  55. Elk Hunt
  56. Where are you from in Oregon?
  57. Taxidermy exhibit set at Klamath Basin NWR
  58. Oregon Waterfowl Festival. June 21-22 2003
  59. Convicted Oregon elk poacher loses right to own
  60. Flat Creek Bridge access to Phillip Schneider
  61. ODFW Seeks Input on Draft Bighorn and Mountain
  62. Project on Private Timberlands Receives ODFW Grant
  63. ODFW Grant Keeps Sled Springs Management
  64. ODFW Provides Grant for Big Game Habitat Enhanceme
  65. Tag Numbers Approved for Limited Entry Big Game
  66. Commission chooses members for wolf advisory
  67. Commission Approves 19 Funding Proposals for
  68. Fall Seeding of Wildfire-Burned Lands Starting to
  69. ODFW Seeks Grant Proposals for Projects That
  70. OR Draw Results Online Now
  71. Meat ban foils huntersí plans. Mad cow disease in
  72. Cougar suspected in Oregon pet deaths
  73. House approves hike in fishing and hunting fees
  74. Oregon poacher sentenced on felony charges
  75. Hunting and license fees will be raised
  76. Prayin' for rain
  77. Declining blacktail numbers at issue
  78. Armed citizen group patrols national forests, back
  79. Cougar predation takes bite out of E. Oregon elk
  80. Oregon Foundation for Blacktail Deer Blacktail
  81. Poachers drop a trophy buck in Baker County
  82. Officers seek suspect in bald eagle deaths
  83. New Classifieds software on JHO
  84. Hot Spots for new hunters
  85. Hunting Survey and online hunting game suggestions
  86. Majority of S. Oregon problem cougars carried
  87. Plan would allow wolves back in state
  88. OR bird hunter survives mauling by young deer
  89. Oregon bear poachers receive stiff sentences
  90. Oregon to relocate rare white-tail deer
  91. Searchers Look for Signs of Missing Hunter
  92. OR House passes bill allowing limited
  93. OR Senate rejects House changes in cougar hunting
  94. Cougar sighting near OR elementary school draws
  95. new to oregon
  96. Pet bear taken from home of Oregon "mountain men"
  97. Oregon ranchers upset with wolf policy
  98. Shiras moose moving south, west
  99. Seven arrested in S. Oregon poaching investigation
  100. Oregon has test case in Interstate Wildlife Violators Compact
  101. Oregon Pass Mt. Lion Hunting
  102. Oregon adopts controversial mountain lion management plan
  103. Draw deadline
  104. Oregon gun club fined for illegal lead dumping
  105. Feral pigs spread in 9 Oregon counties
  106. elk hunting in fossil unit
  107. Oregon F&W post offered to Idaho fisheries chief
  108. hunting your state this year
  109. 'Rescuers' give mortally injured deer CPR
  110. OR commission to issue free tags for terminally ill youngsters
  111. Oregon poaching ring leader gets jailtime, fine
  112. Youngster releases potential new Oregon record largemouth
  113. First Oregon sage grouse detected with West Nile virus
  114. N'er-do-wells use random gunfire to lessen crowds in Oregon forest
  115. Repeated sightings of wolf in eastern Oregon
  116. Oregon county prepares to hire part-time cougar hunter
  117. Oregon boy OK after deer attack
  118. Blacktail buck attack lands Oregon woman in hospital
  119. I need to find a place to hunt for my controled hunt tag
  120. Southern Oregon
  121. Oregon duck hunter dies after fall into Klamath River
  122. Oregon officers use Taser to subdue buck tangled in rope swing
  123. Snorkeler allegedly mistaken for swimming nutria is shot
  124. Authorities kill coyote that attacked dog in downtown Salem OR
  125. F&W authorities believe animal sighted in E. OR was wild wolf
  126. OR poaching bill puts bite in its Interstate Wildlife Violator's C
  127. Oregon bill allows agents to use dogs in cougar, bear hunts
  128. Oregon predator-management bill moves to Senate
  129. Oregon Waterfowl Festival Aug 18-19 2007
  130. Blacktail doe disrupts soccer game in downtown Portland
  131. Bill to relax cougar-hunting rules passes Oregon Senate
  132. Trooper rescues buck from mineshaft
  133. 12-year-old draws Oregon bighorn sheep permit on first try
  134. Oregon woman sports shiner after run-in with deer
  135. Canadian Geese sub species ID guide
  136. Armed pot growers concern Oregon hunters
  137. Field & Stream Magazine Names Brian Maguire Of Portland,
  138. Authorities kill bear breaking into house for second time
  139. OR authorities kill 115-pound cougar after front porch dog attack
  140. Farmers say cougars killing more livestock
  141. Hammock ensnares Oregon buck video
  142. Oregon jogger bags cougar
  143. Oregon hunting, fishing licenses are vanishing
  144. "starter" type hunts for new hunter in portland
  145. Logging dispute: When is a tree dead?
  146. Oregon Conservation Grants Announced by Elk Foundation
  147. Moving to Oregon
  148. Bear Wounds Tracker in OR
  149. Portland Metro Chapter of Pheasants Forever Spreads
  150. REI replaces grizzly attack victim's tent
  151. Hunting partner around Lincoln City
  152. ODFW unveils Oregon Hunting Access Map
  153. Oregon town police order: Kill coyotes on sight
  154. Info on hunting the Sprague unit
  155. Ringleader of poaching ring sentenced to prison
  156. Oregon teen takes his first buck at bus stop
  157. Hiking, writing, music Ė Witty just loved it all
  158. Lab triggers shotgun, shoots duck hunter in OR
  159. 2008 is biggest year yet for new Oregon CCW permits
  160. Bumper crop: driver plows into police deer decoy
  161. Oregon paper adds outdoor reporters
  162. Hunter Alert
  163. Ducks caught shooting ducks in Eugene, police say
  164. Federal judge throws out OR cougar management lawsuit
  165. California elk poacher fined $50,000, banned from hunting in Oregon
  166. ODFW & OHA Meeting Update
  167. Elk Foundation Grants Benefits To 20 Oregon Counties
  168. Not over yet for OR Big game draws.
  169. Biscuit Fire
  170. My little trophy 08' Rosie
  171. 9th annual Oregon Waterfowl Festival Aug 15-16 in Rickreall, OR
  172. Dogs help couple fend off cougar attack in OR
  173. Oregon: Opportunity to Expand Hunting Programs in the Malheur National Wildlife Refug
  174. minam unit 260x elk?
  175. OR man grabs shotgun, kills bear in house
  176. OR Snow Map
  177. Oregon Petition for Amending Measure 18!!!!
  178. Cougar News
  179. Hunter Alert?
  180. Bear at Lone Pine Elementary school captured, released
  181. Infamous poacher Raymond Hillsman returns to jail
  182. Whitetail hunting....
  183. OR 7th grader scores on once-in-a-lifetime goat hunt
  184. Drunk 61 yr old Portland hunter dies
  185. Mt Emily Guide
  186. Free Sports Pac
  187. Mandatory Hunter Orange
  188. Fish and Wildlife plane crash in Oregon kills 2
  189. DNA evidence helps solve poaching case in OR.
  190. Oregon Legislature fixes glitch in get-tough poaching law
  191. Oregon and Washington: Management Plan Includes Hunting on the Julia Butler Hansen Re
  192. Gate Prompts Discussion
  193. Vote
  194. New OR Cougar Petition
  195. Photos on website lead to poaching convictions of Paul Harvey III from OR
  196. Proposed Hunter Orange Mandate in Oregon!
  197. Carp causing dramatic downturn in birds at eastern Oregon refuge
  198. Trapper Kills 5 Cougars On Oregon Sheep Farm
  199. I need to buy some ammo!!!
  200. Last Chance to Comment on Proposed Hunter Orange Mandate in Oregon: Thursday, Septemb
  201. Two Oregon House Committees to Hear Three Pro-Gun Bills Each
  202. Trophy Animal Poaching Fine
  203. Additional Hearing on Gray Wolf Legislation Scheduled in Oregon
  204. Landowners abusing Oregon's wildlife tax breaks program
  205. Black bear trapped on The Dalles dam in OR is shot to death by Fish & Wildlife
  206. Oregon House votes to overturn voters and allow cougar hunting with dogs
  207. New to Central Oregon
  208. Oregon officials hope to eradicate wild pigs. Blame CA for the problem
  209. Help with info on hunting area
  210. Pheasant Hunting Central Oregon Over Thanksgiving
  211. Mule vs Whitetail Deer
  212. Oregon Outdoor Council - Restoring Hunters Rights
  213. Looking for Hunters
  214. Medford OR hunter survives bear attack after bear was down and came back to life
  215. Canada 2013
  216. BLM Wants Comments
  217. Cougar/Bear Bills Scheduled for Hearings April 2
  218. Cougar Bill Not Over!!!!
  219. Program makes deer and elk tags available for active military on leave in Oregon
  220. Broadhead regs for Oregon
  221. Moving to Oregon?
  222. Mtn Lion with Hounds aproved
  223. Snake River - Packers/Guides
  224. Wolf Management Update!!!!!
  225. NW Forest Plan Public Comments Needed!!!!
  226. OHA Director Positions. Need Your Help!!!!
  227. Road Kill